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A global movement for human rights defenders at risk

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We are Shelter City

Shelter City is a global movement that offers safe and inspiring spaces to human rights defenders at risk where they can re-energize, receive tailormade support and engage with allies in order to reinforce their local actions for change.

Our support


Human rights defenders can temporarily escape from their threatening situation and rest and re-energize in a safe, warm and inspiring environment.

Tailormade support
Tailormade support

They receive support tailored to their individual needs, for example medical care, psychological support, security trainings and development of expertise.

Engage with allies
Engage with allies

They can exchange experiences, spread awareness, and expand their network with new allies, such as fellow human rights defenders, people and organisations.

Our impact

We envision a world where we can all safely contribute to just and peaceful societies.

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We offer safe and inspiring spaces all over the world. Find our locations on the map.

Our Stories

Asha’s photo hangs proudly on my wall
Nikki supports human rights defenders that stay in Shelter City Rotterdam. According to Nikki, being a part of Shelter City has changed her life.
Shelter City Rotterdam
How William’s perseverance left a mark on numerous residents of Nijmegen
Yara was part of the Shelter City Nijmegen team for two years. During her time, she met inspiring human rights defenders such as William from Uganda.
Shelter City Nijmegen
José and Jorge: Defending the rights of the LGBTIQ+ population in Central America
Many kilometers divide Tegucigalpa, where José lives, from Guatemala City, where Jorge resides, but what they have in common (except for the first letter of their names) is their activism for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ people, and the fact that their lives have both been threatened as a result.
Shelter City Costa Rica
Taking care of your wellbeing is essential when working in human rights
Leo Mosselman is a Tai Chi and bodywork teacher, who supports human rights defenders in Shelter City Netherlands during their training week in The Hague.
Shelter City The Hague
Shelter City guest Tino on LGBTIQ+ rights in Zambia
Tino’s Story Tino is a Zambian human rights defender that focuses on LGBTIQ+ rights as well as the human rights of LGBTIQ+ sex workers in Zambia. He is the Executive Director of the Key Populations Alliance of Zambia, and stayed in Shelter City Amsterdam in 2019. Growing up, Tino was beaten, marginalized and shamed for his […]
Shelter City Amsterdam

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