Andi recounts her experience in Shelter City and the importance of International Women’s Day



March 21, 2024

Written by Andi Suraidah

Since coming back from Shelter City, I’ve been reflecting extensively on the meaningful experiences and important lessons I learned during my time there. My experience at Shelter City has had a lasting impact on both my personal and professional development, influencing my perspective on the world and my place in it.

With a fresh outlook and increased motivation, I’ve been dedicated to expanding Legal Dignity, a non-profit organisation I lead to safeguard and offer meaningful access to justice for LGBTIQ+ individuals residing in Malaysia. Working alongside my colleagues, we have been involved in various projects aimed at promoting inclusion for specific communities within the broader LGBTIQ+ community, such as LBQ individuals and those impacted by Malaysia’s systemic barriers to justice. We are currently analysing selected case studies to offer insights into the procedures, processes, laws, frameworks, and systematic discrimination that hinder LGBTIQ+ individuals’ access to justice. We are also currently working on projects and activities to enhance the visibility and representation of concerns and issues faced by LBQ+ individuals.

With International Women’s Day on the horizon, it’s a time to reflect, show appreciation, and stand in unity with women in all of their diversity, who challenge stereotypes, overcome obstacles, and drive progress in their societies. This also means, upholding dignity and standing in solidarity with liberation of Palestinian and Congolese women. This day is dedicated to acknowledging past and present efforts, while also recognising the ongoing work needed to achieve genuine gender equality, in Malaysia and all over the globe.

We thank Andi for sharing her story and message.

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