The beautiful city of Deventer is known for its Hanseatic and internationally-oriented past, which are reflected in the mix of cultures of people who now call the city their home. Driven by its international composition, strong support for human rights, and local solidarity with human rights defenders, Deventer became a Shelter City in 2018 as a collaboration between the municipality of Deventer, Humanitas Residential Care Center Deventer and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Our support

Rest and respite

We show respect for the individuality of each human rights defender, so they feel comfortable being themselves throughout their stay. In Deventer, defenders can focus on their well-being and care for their health while enjoying Deventer’s calm and natural surroundings. 

Tailored support and Capacity-building

In Shelter City Deventer, human rights defenders receive support tailored to their individual needs, for example medical care and development of expertise. Guests also have the opportunity to strengthen their capacities through courses at the Saxion University, which can benefit their personal and professional development. 

Connecting with local allies

In Shelter City Deventer, human rights defenders can choose to speak at various events and platforms about their work. These sessions enable defenders to raise awareness about the human rights situation in their country, connect with a wider audience, and reinforce support for their cause. Defenders can also meet with local organizations to expand their international network of supporters.

Our team

Nicoleta Mitut
Nicoleta Mitut

Manager International Affairs, Deventer Municipality

Johan Kuiper
Johan Kuiper

Shelter City Deventer Coordinator

Jan Henk van der Kolk
Jan Henk van der Kolk

Project Coordinator, Humanitas Residential Care Center Deventer

Jan Reinder Glaastra
Jan Reinder Glaastra

Advisor to the Board, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

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