The beginning of a partnership between Ubuntu Hub Cities and Shelter City



October 16, 2023

The beginning of a partnership between Ubuntu Hub Cities and Shelter City

10th October marked a milestone in enhancing the level of protection for human rights defenders at risk. It was the beginning of a new collaboration between Ubuntu Hub Cities and Shelter City. As brave human rights defenders continue to be at risk while doing their work, this collaboration will lead to consolidated resources, networks, and expertise to provide the necessary support for them.

Ubuntu Hub Cities is a network of cities across Africa that provide temporary relocation for human rights defenders from the continent. It is coordinated by DefendDefenders and AfricanDefenders with numerous different organizations all collaborating to aid the initiative.

Within the field of human rights, collaboration is the key to moving forward. It is through collaboration that we can reach more people and human rights defenders and enlarge our global network. Hassan Shire, Director of DefendDefenders, reaffirmed this in his keynote speech:

‘In the protection of human rights defenders, there is no competition, rather complementarity and effective collaboration.’

Hassan Shire
(Director of DefendDefenders)

Looking forward to the collaboration, Sebastiaan van der Zwaan, Director of Justice & Peace Netherlands said:

‘By signing and putting our ambitions to work…, we can take the next steps towards a truly global web of safe spaces.’

Sebastiaan van der Zwaan
(Director of Justice & Peace)

We at Shelter City are excited to partner with Ubuntu Hub Cities and look forward to providing more safe spaces for human rights defenders globally.

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