Since 2014, Nijmegen takes pride in being a Shelter City with the coordination of Bureau Wijland and support from the municipality of Nijmegen. At Shelter City Nijmegen, we find it important for the human rights defenders who come from all over the world to feel welcome in our beautiful city and enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

Our support

Rest and re-energize

Beautiful landscapes and unique nature make Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, and its surroundings a perfect space for human rights defenders to recharge their energy and focus on their wellbeing. Whether they are taking a stroll through the forest, riding a bike through the city or attending sport classes, defenders have the opportunity to take a break in a safe and inspiring environment.

Tailored support and capacity-building

At Shelter City Nijmegen, we want to make sure that the stay of the defenders is as fruitful as possible, which is why we offer them university and language courses at Radboud University.  Our tailored support enables defenders to strengthen their knowledge and capacities in areas relevant for them and their work. 

Engage with local allies

In Nijmegen, the human rights defenders can count on the support and companionship of our volunteers and buddies. Together with our partners, we also organize activities and events for the defenders to meet the local residents of Nijmegen and make useful contacts. This enables the defenders to extend their network, which can be useful when they return back home.

Our team

Qader Shafiq
Qader Shafiq

Director of Bureau Wijland

Our stories

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