Shelter City Tanzania located in the city of Dar es Salaam is the first ever Shelter City in Africa. The Africa Human Rights Network (AHRN), a human rights organization with ties to the Netherlands and the Great Lakes region, founded Shelter City Tanzania in 2017 after years of witnessing the growing need to support human rights defenders. Shelter City Tanzania provides support to human rights defenders from across Africa. Since 2018, it has also been supporting artists at risk.

Our support

Rest and re-energize

During their stay in Shelter City Tanzania, human rights defenders are able to temporarily relocate and rest in a safe environment – and a safe house – away from any risk. They can utilize their time by focusing on their well-being and caring for their physical and physiological health. Taking the time to rest enables them to return home and continue their work in a more effective and sustainable way.

Tailormade support

Shelter City Tanzania has been focusing on relieving human rights defenders from traumatic experiences by providing them the medical and psychological assistance that they need in order to safely reintegrate into their communities and resume their work. We also offer a variety of capacity-building activities, such as trainings that aim to strengthen the defenders’ understanding of human rights and enable them to create and implement essential strategies in their fight for human rights.

Engage with local allies

During their stay, we provide human rights defenders with the opportunity to connect with individuals and organizations working on similar issues in the region through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Providing defenders with the space to network enables them to raise awareness about the human rights situation in their country, connect with a wider audience, and reinforce capacity for their activities.

Our team

Olivier Muhizi
Olivier Muhizi

Program coordinator

Scholastica B. Pembe
Scholastica B. Pembe

Social worker

Wibonela Seif
Wibonela Seif

Digital security trainer

Delphin Byabusha Murhabazi
Delphin Byabusha Murhabazi

Coordinator digital security training

Mariam Ally Juma
Mariam Ally Juma


Antia A. Kishobela
Antia A. Kishobela

Accountant and logistics manager

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