Tailormade support

Tailormade support

Human rights defenders that relocate to Shelter City come from different contexts, may face specific threats, or want to enhance specific skills. At Shelter City, we offer human rights defenders a broad range of expertise and opportunities that can be tailored to their goals and areas of work. 

Security and advocacy trainings


We offer human rights defenders various holistic security and advocacy trainings to support them in their work.

Security management

Security management is a key component of these trainings. Security management training allows human rights defenders to reflect on their situation back home, carry out risks assessments and work on implementing a security plan to keep them and their colleagues safe.

Digital security

An important part of the work of human rights defenders also takes place online. Digital security trainings at Shelter City provide them with tools and strategies to ensure secure communication within their network, safe storage of information, and secure browsing.

Advocacy & policy influencing

They can also participate in advocacy and policy influencing trainings. They can enhance their advocacy skills, exchange good practices with other activists, and reinforce their strategies so that they can continue their work in their local community in a more effective way.


The trainings also have a strong focus on wellbeing, with individual or group wellbeing sessions.

On return, defenders can also share their new expertise with their colleagues and fellow human rights defenders.


Capacity building opportunities


Aside from security trainings, we also offer many opportunities for human rights defenders to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

For example, human rights defenders can take language classes in order to strengthen their ability to reach out and engage with different target groups. They can also take part in courses at local universities or colleges on topics that interest them, or even take driving lessons, music lessons, and more.


“After participating in the Shelter City programme, I continue to do the same human rights work, but now I take a different approach. […] I feel I have a leadership role now, to raise awareness about international human rights standards. I started my own organisation training human rights defenders and lawyers and litigating cases pro bono. "

Kiruba, Dalit women’s rights activist from India

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