Rome joins the global movement as the 23rd Shelter City



December 13, 2023

The city of Rome has joined the global movement of Shelter City with its mission of providing safe and inspiring spaces for human rights defenders at risk.

Located in Italy, a country involved in regional discussions regarding human rights and migration, Rome serves as an epicentre of Italy’s political decisions alongside its vibrant cultural and art scene. We are thrilled to announce that Un Ponte Per and Municipio VIII di Roma are collaborating to form Shelter City Rome.

Through their work, Un Ponte Per, an organization based in the city of Rome, Italy, has strived for over 30 years for the promotion of peace and human rights and conflict prevention in solidary with those affected by armed conflict in the MENA region, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Since then, they have continued to build initiatives that promote and protect human rights defenders, by providing shelter, supporting their work, and aiming to ensure safe return to their home countries.

We at Shelter City are excited to welcome Rome to the movement and are proud of this step towards creating a world where we can all safely contribute to just and peaceful societies.

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