In 2023, Un Ponte Per and Municipio VIII di Roma came together to establish a temporary relocation programme in Rome with the aim of supporting human rights defenders at risk. This initiative provides human rights defenders with a space for rest and respite as well as a platform to enhance their work.

Shelter City Rome will focus on supporting human rights defenders at risk around the world, especially from the MENA region. Rome’s ancient history, cultural vibrancy, and rich civil society make it an inspiring space for human rights defenders.

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Rest and re-energize

Shelter City Rome provides a space where human rights defenders can rest, feel safe, and re-energize. As the heart of the country, Rome boasts a blend of ancient landmarks and cultural experiences allowing human rights defenders to immerse themselves in an environment where they can reflect and focus on improving their wellbeing.

Tailormade support

Each human rights defender receives tailored support and guidance, which includes support for their wellbeing and opportunities to expand their network with national and international organizations or institutions in Rome, strengthen their capacity in topics like holistic security and refine their skills as a human rights defender through educational courses.

Engaging with local allies

We offer human rights defenders the chance to engage with individuals, such as civil society movements, educators, and organizations addressing human rights issues in the region. The opportunity to engage with a broader audience allows human rights defenders to raise awareness about the situation in their home country and expand their network of allies.

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Our Team

Lodovico Mariani
Lodovico Mariani

Coordinator of Shelter City Network in Italy

Mohamed Ambrosini
Mohamed Ambrosini

Human Rights Defenders Focal Point

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