Arsène, adding drops of justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Arsène shares his story as a human rights defender and lawyer in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Shelter City The Hague
Nnedinma, regaining her mojo in Shelter City

Nnedinma tells us how her three-month stay in Tilburg with Shelter City enabled her to re-energize and regain her mojo to continue her work.

Shelter City Tilburg
Alice, on the frontlines of a high-risk profession

At the end of her three-month stay in the Netherlands, Alice wrote a story to share her experience as a journalist in the DRC.

Shelter City The Hague
Alice, en première ligne d’une profession à risque

A la fin de son séjour de trois mois aux Pays – Bas, Alice à écrit un article pour partager son expérience de journaliste en…

Shelter City The Hague
Zabib, balancing motherhood and activism in South Sudan

"Being an activist shouldn’t stop women from having children, and having children shouldn’t stop women from their activist work. Let’s not give up."

Shelter City Rotterdam
Meet Caroline Rucah, Kenyan LGBTIQ+ rights defender

Watch a short documentary and learn more about Caroline Rucah, LGBTIQ+ rights defenders from Kenya.

Shelter City Utrecht
Louisa and Asha: defending human rights in Nigeria and India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Louisa and Asha are two human rights defenders and former Shelter City guests who shared with us how their work has changed during the pandemic.

Shelter City Rotterdam
Francis: defending human rights in Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kenyan human rights defender Francis shared with us the consequences of the pandemic on his work and how he keeps fighting.

Shelter City Groningen
Dinah: defending human rights in Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kenyan human rights defender Dinah shared with us the human rights situation in Kenya during the pandemic and how she continues doing her work.

Shelter City Nijmegen

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