Meet Caroline Rucah, Kenyan LGBTIQ+ rights defender



February 7, 2022

Meet Caroline Rucah, Kenyan LGBTIQ+ rights defender

During LGBTIQ+ History Month, we want to share a short documentary on Caroline Rucah (she/they), a LGBTIQ+ rights defender from Kenya and former guest of Shelter City Utrecht.

Caroline is the Executive Director of the Western Kenya LBQT Feminist Forum, a womxn-led intersectional feminist organization. They advocate for more inclusive policies, work to change the general perception on LGBTIQ+ persons and to guarantee access to healthcare for LGBTIQ+ persons.

Kenya still criminalizes same-sex relations. As a result, LGBTIQ+ persons face violence, stigma and discrimination in their communities and in accessing services. Because of their work, Caroline has received many threats during their years of activism.

Caroline previously stayed in Shelter City Utrecht, where she had the opportunity to focus on their wellbeing, raise awareness on the situation of LGBTIQ+ persons in Kenya, and engage with allies.


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