Juvie, using documentation as a tool against injustice

Juvie, a human rights defender from the Philippines, shares her journey of over a decade in grassroots activism and documenting human rights violations.

Shelter City Maastricht
Kiruba, fighting caste cruelties in India

Read Kiruba's story of challenging caste-based atrocities and discrimination in India.

Shelter City Nijmegen
Numan, fighting for LGBTIQ+ rights in Malaysia

Learn more about Numan and his work to support the LGBTIQ+ community in Malaysia.

Shelter City Amsterdam
Louisa and Asha: defending human rights in Nigeria and India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Louisa and Asha are two human rights defenders and former Shelter City guests who shared with us how their work has changed during the pandemic.

Shelter City Rotterdam
Mohammed Azaiza shares his experience of being stuck in Gaza while dreaming of Amsterdam

Mohammed Azaiza is a human rights defender from Gaza who was unable to relocate to Shelter City.

Shelter City Amsterdam
Lookkàte: defending human rights in Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thai human rights defender Lookkàte shared her difficulties in fighting for human rights during the pandemic, her strategies and her tips on self-care.

Shelter City Maastricht
Akram: defending human rights in India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Indian human rights defender Akram presented the human rights situation in the country during the pandemic and how he continues fighting for human rights.

Shelter City Middelburg
People’s kitchen: connecting lives with stories

Asha is a human rights defenders who fights for the rights of Dalit women. Here she shares an important moment of her stay at Shelter…

Shelter City Rotterdam

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