Eindhoven is a large international city. People from Eindhoven stay connected not only to the city, but also to global developments: Think Global, Act Local. Eindhoven now offers human rights activists temporary relocation, giving them a space to catch their breath. This makes Eindhoven the 13th city in the Netherlands to welcome human rights defenders.

Our support


Shelter City Eindhoven is committed to the wellbeing of human rights defenders. Eindhoven perfectly combines a lively atmosphere and many opportunities to relax. It hosts large green areas and several historical sites, making it the perfect place for human rights defenders to take a break and recharge for three months.

Tailored support and capacity-building

The Shelter City Eindhoven team provides human rights defenders with a wide variety of  activities that can accommodate their needs and wants. This includes  courses, psychological support, security trainings, and development of expertise.

Engaging with local allies

At Shelter City Eindhoven, human rights defenders have a platform to share their stories with the residents and raise awareness on human rights. They can also engage with local organizations and stakeholders. Allies are vital for human rights defenders in strengthening their human rights work back home.

Our team

Clasien Vermeer
Clasien Vermeer

Programme coordinator at Shelter City Eindhoven

Our stories

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