Raúl, creating safe spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community



June 16, 2022

Raúl, creating safe spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community

During Pride month we want to share with you a short documentary on Raúl, a Mexican LGBTIQ+ rights activist and guest of Shelter City Utrecht.

Raúl is the Director of Casa Frida, where together with his colleagues, he works for the protection and security of LGBTIQ+ persons.

Casa Frida provides shelter, health care and support to LGBTIQ+ persons fleeing from violence, organized crime, people who migrated to Mexico or are forced to leave their houses.

Raúl himself experienced the importance of having a community and a place where to feel safe. Now he works to make sure others have that.

“I fight with the whole community to continue to build safe and dignified spaces.” – Raúl

Raul’s stay at Shelter City

At Shelter City Utrecht, Raúl could rest while away from threats. He also had the opportunity to attend courses on human rights and gender, extend his network, meet civil society organizations and share its work at Casa Frida.

Learn more about Raúl

In this short documentary by PBI Nederlands, coordinating organization of Shelter City Utrecht, Raúl talks about his work at Casa Frida, the discrimination suffered by LGBTIQ+ persons in Latin America and his experience at Shelter City.

He says that he is fighting for creating safe spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community but also for such spaces not to be needed anymore.

“We strive to create safe spaces but also we also fight to achieve that they are no longer needed, never again. And that the whole world will be our refuge.” – Raúl

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