Yendri, mobilizing LGBTIQ+ communities in Venezuela



May 30, 2024

Yendri, mobilizing LGBTIQ+ communities in Venezuela

Yendri is an LGBTIQ+ rights defender from Venezuela. He co-founded his organization Observatorio Venezolano de Violencias LGBTIQ+ where he is the coordinator and international advocacy officer. He has dedicated his life to advancing the rights of LGBTIQ+ peoples. His work specifically focuses on the intersectionality of the current political and economic situation in Venezuela and how Venezuelan LGBTIQ+ persons are navigating this environment.

During his time in Shelter City Utrecht he took part in a podcast interview with Talking Human Rights and a documentary produced by PBI Netherlands.

In the podcast episode and documentary, Yendri tells us about his work as a human rights defender in Venezuela, standing up for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. He gives us insight into his personal story, how the discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people pushes him towards activism, what his Observatorio De Violencias LGBTIQ+ is hoping to change, and why it is important to build networks to progress human rights.

We thank Yendri for his story of perserverance and growth.

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