Resources for human rights defenders working in support of Ukraine



March 3, 2022

Resources for human rights defenders working in support Ukraine

Dear human rights defenders,

Shelter City stands side by side with all of you who fight for peace.

In light of the current events in Ukraine, we have put together some resources to support your safety and your fight for human rights.

Equalitie is an organization that offers systems and tools for accessible and secure technology to promote and defend human rights. One of their service is Deflect, which protects users from online attacks.

Equalitie is committed to defend Ukrainian websites from cyber-attacks and they share useful links on their twitter account.

You can also find a list of decentralized and federated messaging services or web browsing services that are active in Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv.

Security in a box is a toolkit for installing and using digital security software and services.

Digital First Aid Kit is a platform that lists resources against the most common types of digital emergencies.

In case of urgent matters, Access Now offers a Digital Security Helpline that is reachable at any time free of charge. They also collected the guidelines they use to support requests to their helpline here. Moreover, Access Now has published a list of digital safety tips against cyber-attacks for Ukrainian civil society.

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