Shelter City The Hague and LGBTIQ+ rights defender Alassane wins NOW-Us Award



October 22, 2019

LGBTIQ+ persons face unique legal and social challenges in Mali. In recent years there has been a spark in the repression of homosexuality in civil society or the country with LGBTIQ+ persons facing stigmatization among the broader population and legal challenges. Luckily there are people working hard to make Mali a safe country for citizens regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and serological status.

One of these people is Alassane, a previous Shelter City guest and National Coordinator at an LGBTIQ+ rights organization in Mali, earlier this month Alassane won a NOW-Us Award at the Partos Innovation Festival, as reported by The Spindle. 

Alassane’s initiative is the Coalition Anti SIDA, Ca nous Concerne Tous. This initiative fights for the promotion and defence of the LGBTIQ+ Communities Human Rights and against AIDS by providing knowledge and skills.

When trying to promote the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people in countries such as Mali, where the Ministry of Security and Justice has no involvement in conflict and refrains from community protection, it is important to raise awareness within communities and with individuals through training on human rights, security and leadership and assisting LGBTIQ+ people whose rights have been isolated and fighting against AIDS. These are some of the activities that Alassane carries out in his organization in an effort to create change and bring Mali closer to social peace.

Learn more about The Spindle and the award here. 

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