UM Pride

UM Pride

UM Pride

Student-led organization focused on connecting the queer community of Maastricht University

Photos by: Farbod Nael

UM Pride is a student-led part of Maastricht University’s Diversity and Inclusivity Office. Their efforts focus on organising events that bring together the queer community within the university. By raising awareness about various topics that relate to the LGBTIQ+ community, UM Pride strives for making queer students and staff feel welcomed and supported.

They offer a range of activities aimed at promoting ally-ship and support within the LGBTIQ+ community, including training, peer support meetings, book and academic journal clubs, and promoting various LGBTIQ+ research initiatives. They frequently collaborate with other organisations, such as the Queer Art Club and the Sustainability Hub, to ensure their events are inclusive and open to everyone.

Queer people all over the world still face discrimination based on their sexuality or gender identity. As homophobic and transphobic incidents in the Netherlands are rising, UM Pride is engaged in the fight for LGBTIQ+ rights.

Their initiative wants to ensure that queer individuals from all backgrounds can feel safer in Maastricht. While giving people the opportunity to voice their struggles, UM Pride also creates a space for exchange and well-being.

Written by: Marie Theis, with the support of UM Pride

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