Feminists of Maastricht

Feminists of Maastricht

Feminists of Maastricht

Intersectional feminist collective in Maastricht

Photos by: Daniela Petrovic

Feminists of Maastricht is an intersectional feminist collective that aims to build a community that provides care. The collective engages the community through organized lectures, movie nights and protests as well as various activities such as the ‘Decolonial Reading Circle’ or skill-share workshops.

‘Feminists of Maastricht’ value the belief that support from a strong community is vital to ensure safety, which is why they commit to providing care by all means necessary. This means for example that they provide multiple ways in which people can report experiences of harassment and violence to them instead of institutional routes such as the police, where many are affected by practices of victim-blaming.

Their aim is to create spaces in which survivors of harassment and violence feel heard and their pain is validated. Moreover, they provide aftercare and build on a community that knows how to step in when someone is being hurt.

They summarise their work with the following words: “we take care of each other”

Written by: Marie Theis, with the support of Feminists of Maastricht

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