COC Limburg

COC Limburg

COC Limburg

LGBTIQ+ organisation for Limburg, Maastricht

Photo of John Martin from COC Limburg by: Olga Hesse

COC Limburg is the LGBTIQ+ organization for the Dutch province of Limburg. Since 1972, they have been working hard towards creating a diverse and inclusive society and improving the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people through representation and advocacy. Moreover, they act as a connector of the queer community. This is vital, as being able to be yourself in Dutch society is still not a reality for many people.

“Freedom is not self-evident. Just being able to be yourself and love who you want to love is not always the case. Society always talks about tolerance, but to what extent are we accepted? As long as the rainbow flag is set on fire, as long as transgender people have issues getting jobs, as long as people think gender-neutral toilets are nonsense, and as long as kids are bullied for not dressing and behaving like the norm, we need to keep fighting for ourselves and need allies to make this world a better place.”

COC Limburg strives as a movement for a society in which everyone can be themselves and love who they want to love. They bring people together, for example with their Café Rosé, a bar in downtown Maastricht which serves as a meeting place for their community. Moreover, they provide resources and expertise to (members of) the rainbow movement and raise awareness amongst young people as well as local residents through guidance and information meetings.

Written by: Marie Theis, with the support of COC Limburg

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