Journalists defend human rights by striving to disseminate accurate information, protect the freedom to press, and defend the freedom to truth.


Journalists defend human rights by striving to protect our rights to free press and freedom of expression by sharing accurate, unbiased information with the public.

Journalists may work to uncover human rights abuses that they discover, witness and even experience. Their courage to investigate, document, and report human rights violations for the public’s own knowledge allows others to learn of issues that they otherwise would not have known and demand that justice be granted.

Due to the nature of their work and sensitive information that journalists reveal concerning powerful states, organizations and individuals, they are likely to face major risks in many parts of the world. Their critical reporting is often met with consistent attempts to silence them. The cost of their work is reflected in their daily and personal lives as they face surveillance by powerful actors, threats, attacks, arbitrary arrests and detention, and possibly, enforced disappearance or killings.

Protecting journalists at risk as they continue their work is crucial to safeguarding press freedom and our freedom of expression.

Additional support to journalists at risk

Since 2020, Shelter City in the Netherlands provides two additional spaces to journalists at risk per year.

This support is made possible thanks to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more about this support here. 

Journalists hosted by Shelter City Netherlands are also supported by Fred Foundation.

Shelter City stands side by side with journalists.

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