Eindhoven becomes the 13th Shelter City in the Netherlands



March 29, 2022

Eindhoven becomes the 13th Shelter City in the Netherlands

The municipality of Eindhoven has joined the global movement of Shelter City in its mission of providing a safe and inspiring spaces for human rights defenders at risk.

The city of Eindhoven is an international hub and has a long tradition of global awareness, cooperation and attention to the Sustainable Development Goals. With the creation of Shelter City Eindhoven, the municipality takes a step forward in its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace and Security. This year will be a pilot year for Shelter City Eindhoven.

Shelter City Eindhoven will be coordinated by Tilburg-based social organization, ContourdeTwern , which has 5 years of experience as the coordinator of Shelter City Tilburg and has organized the stay of many human rights defenders coming from all around the world.    

Alongside the municipality of Eindhoven and ContourdeTwern , the other organizations involved in Shelter City Eindhoven are: Vluchtelingen in de Knel, Vredesburo,  Amnesty International Eindhoven, and Hoogstraatgemeenschap, all of which have experience in supporting local change, human rights and peace.

In April this year, the team at Shelter City Eindhoven will welcome their first guest: a human rights defender and lawyer from Venezuela. 

We at Shelter City are happy to welcome Eindhoven to the movement of Shelter City and are proud of this further step towards creating a world where we can all safely contribute to just and peaceful societies.

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